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Giant Decorative Indian Corn - 2 Bunches of 3 Ears on Husk- Ears Approx 1 Foot Long - Grown and Harvested by Clovers Garden


Giant - 1 Foot Indian Corn. 1 foot ears, 1 foot husk. HUGE and Beautiful.

2 bunches of dried Indian Corn included as a set - 3 ears per bunch. Total of 6 ears.

Ears are super colorful and each ear is unique as nature intended it to be.

Can be used from year to year if stored in a cool, dry, place and sealed from critters.

Great to decorate a door, lampost, or holiday table as an autumn accent.

Giant and beautifully colored, this Indian Corn is absolutely breathtaking.Ears are approximately 1 foot long which is amazingly huge for corn. Husk the same length for a total of approximately two feet.Three ears are tied together in a bunch.This package has two bunches of three.