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Satan’s Kiss Pepper Plant (Baccio Di Satana or Ciliegia Picante) Two Plants -- Non-GMO

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An heirloom-type pepper and favorite of Italian Grandmothers everywhere, Satan's Kiss is a great grower requiring little fuss with a medium-to-hot flavor. This fast grower originates in Southern Italy and produces cherry-type peppers often two to three weeks earlier than other varieties. Golf-ball sized fruits grow in bunches on sturdy branches with dense foliage and mature from green to red. These yummy little peppers have a sweet, fruit flavor with a bit of heat (40K to 50K on the Scoville Scale, similar to Cayenne). Traditionally stuffed with anchovies and mozzarella and grilled, this pepper is perfect for any dish calling for a bit of heat. As with all pepper plants, treat as a tender annual in Zones 9 and colder. Requires full sun and prefers well-draining soil.

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What you'll get with your order:

  • Two large (3” to 7” tall) Satan’s Kiss Pepper Plants in 4" pots. Live, full, and healthy plants with mature root systems for a head start to harvest. Not seeds!
  • Our plants have up to ten times the root development giving you a huge head start when planting your garden.
  • We stand behind all of our products and we carefully package our plants and ship them quickly so they're ready to plant when you get them. If anything happens during shipment, we'll replace it!
  • Every order includes our exclusive instruction booklet with helpful hints on planting a pepper garden.

Add Satan's Kiss to your pepper garden and start cooking like an Italian!