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Upright Rosemary - Two Plants

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One of everyone’s favorite herbs, Upright Rosemary makes a pretty ornamental shrub with its spikey, grayish needle-like foliage and pretty lavender-blue flowers and narrow upright form. Rosemary’s needle-like leaves are a chef’s mainstay for savory breads, herbal butters, vegetables, and roasted meats. The dainty bluish-purple flowers that appear mid-summer are beautiful in floral arrangements but also edible as a garnish. The aromatic and savory leaves can be used fresh or dried and used all year round.

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What you'll get with your order:

  • Two very nice, good-sized plants, each 4" to 7" tall. Not plugs, not seeds, just healthy and beautiful plants!
  • Individually grown and shipped in 3.5" pots. The generous pot size offers you plants with a well-developed root system, giving you a head start to fruit.
  • We stand behind all of our products and we carefully package our plants and ship them quickly so they're ready to plant when you get them. If anything happens during shipment, we'll replace it!
  • Every order includes our exclusive instruction booklet with helpful hints on planting a herb garden.

Plant 12” to 18” inches apart in a full to part-sun location. It needs a normal well-draining soil with adequate watering, allowing the soil to dry between watering. Upright Rosemary can grow up to 4-feet tall but will keep its narrow shrub like shape. It can also be grown in containers and will make a beautiful fragrant addition to a patio garden. This Mediterranean plant is not cold tolerant but can be brought inside to winter.