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Here at Clovers Garden we pride ourselves on providing the best vegetable plants, fruits, herbs, and flowers for your garden. Our goal is for you to get a head start with the healthiest plants, enabling you to have the garden of your dreams. We 100% guarantee every product we sell so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are not completely satisfied! If you have any questions or concerns with your order, we can be reached at


When should I plant my plants outside?

When your weather is warm and settled, choose a planting location suitable to your plant’s needs. Prepare the soil as needed, remembering that vegetable and fruit crops need to be rotated every couple of years as to not exhaust the soil and its nutrients. If the weather is hot and sunny, plant in the cool early morning or wait until late afternoon or evening to avoid stress on the new plants. To remove a plant from its pot, flip the pot over, tap on its bottom, and slip the plant out. Do not pull out by its stem. Loosen the root ball and tease the roots apart if they are matted or tangled. Push soil back into each planting hole and firm the soil around each plant to eliminate air pockets, water thoroughly to further settle the soil. Keep the soil around the plants moist but not soggy for the first few days.

Transplant shock is not uncommon but within a week or less the plants' roots will regain their ability to provide moisture to the foliage. If rain is scarce, water your plants deeply and regularly. As your plants start to grow, provide cages or staking, such as with tomatoes and peppers. Once the fruits of peppers and tomatoes start to ripen, water only if plants start to wilt; withholding water at this stage will result in better-flavored fruit. Enjoy your plants!

Are your plants organic?

We partner with a trusted garden supply company to source most of our plants. Some plants are grown from non-organic seed so we cannot claim true organic. We can assure you, however, that neither we nor our supplier uses chemicals in the nurseries so they are as organically raised as possible. All of our plants are grown from non-GMO seed.