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Zones and what to grow

Find Your Climate Zone

How to plant the right plants and the right time.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed the Plant Hardiness Zone Map years ago by analyzing climate and temperature ranges. The research led them to divide North America into 11 Hardiness Zones, with each Zone representing a 10°F difference in low temperatures. Zones have jagged borders and weave wildly through each region – some zones are even divided into “a” and “b” subcategories.

Knowing your Zone will help you select plants (especially perennials); choose appropriate planting times; and be prepared for early and late season frosts. These Zones are considered the industry standard, are used by every reputable gardening company, and should be listed clearly on the plant label. Some will list a specific Zone, which means you can expect that plant to be hardy to that Zone and all warmer climates. Others will list a range of Zones, which means the plant won’t survive the extreme hot or cold temperatures outside of these Zones.